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Promotional Travel Mugs For Year Round Advertising

Posted on Friday, 10th February 2017

Thermal travel mugs are a great way to get your company logo noticed – they are bright, portable, and useful. And contrary to popular assumptions, they are a great product for use all year.

Printed travel mugs are constantly increasing in popularity, as they are being utilised in more and more ways. Thermal mugs are primarily used on the move. However, there has also been a rise in the use of travel mugs in the office environment; the lid fulfils the Health and Safety policy of many businesses. This is a year-round benefit. We have also seen an increase in the number of orders from schools, colleges, and hospitals – again, due to the practicality of having a lid. Thermal mugs could even be used at home, to avoid all those half consumed cups of coffee going cold!

Many coffee shops offer a discount on drinks when a customer brings their own travel mug. Imagine your logo being seen on mugs waiting in the queue – high visibility, and the association with an eco-friendly approach to takeaway drinks.

Printed travel mugs have a use in every season.  In spring, printed travel mugs are a great promotional idea; choose a bright colour to match the feeling of lightness as winter ends and the good weather arrives. The sun is out, but there may still be a chill in the air; ward it off with a hot drink on the go!

Travel mugs are a great product for the summer months too; they can be used for cold drinks as well as hot! In fact, they are available in such a wide range of colours that they are ideally suited to summer promotions. A stainless steel finish is the ‘traditional’ mug, but travel mugs are also available in solid and translucent plastics – bright, modern, and cheery. How about using a travel mug on the beach, to stop the sand getting in your drink? Travel mugs are a practical addition to any summer days out; they can be refilled throughout the day.

In autumn, what better way to watch fireworks than with a nice hot chocolate in a travel mug? Perhaps you could use this as a basis for your marketing campaign; a travel mug with your logo and packet of sparklers? Also around this time of year, get prepared for the onset of bad weather - ensure you have a travel mug in your car to fill up with warm drinks when you stop at motorway services or garages, or even to keep you warm in the event of a breakdown.

Traditionally, thermal mugs are most associated with cold winter mornings – a hot coffee on the way to work, on the bus or in the car. The base of standard travel mugs are sized to fit into a cup holder. Many commuters use public transport; your logo on a thermal mug would potentially reach an audience of hundreds, every day.  A printed travel mug is a great giveaway for the festive period; chose Christmas colours such as red or green, and print a bold logo on the side.

Whatever the weather, whatever the time of year, the gift of a printed travel mug will always be well received – thermal mugs are the basis of a great marketing campaign.

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