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Promotional Trends 2017

Posted on Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

Three months into the year, we can now see a clear indication of what’s popular with buyers and marketing departments. As ever, trends in the promotional world closely follow those in general sales; as soon as a product hits the shelves and rises in popularity, we see promotional versions being requested soon after. So if you need inspiration, these are the key areas we would recommend focussing on.

Firstly, it probably comes as no surprise that tech sales are up. Gadgets are ever popular; in everyday life, we see more and more speakers, smartphone accessories, and a surge in Amazon Echoes standing in the corner of houses across the country! This is reflected in the promotional industry, where we’ve seen a surge in requests for VR headsets, video business cards, and simple gadgets such as multi-port chargers and projector torches. Current marketing strategies seem to focus on giving something genuinely worthwhile, even if that means sacrificing quantity for quality.

In a similar vein, our second upturn has been in performance clothing. Whilst there will always be a market for budget promotional t shirts, clients now are often favouring quality garments, such as wicking performance sportswear. Again, the aim is to add corporate branding to products that will be kept and used, therefore creating better value for money over all. Whilst a budget t shirt might be worn for an event, and possibly a couple of times afterwards, they do tend to end up as DIY clothes very quickly. But give a well cut athletic t shirt, and it will be kept and worn in the gym, at the weekends, out and about for months – possibly even years.

Our third category of increased popularity is within Health and Wellbeing. Aside from sports clothing, we are experiencing high sales of any health-based products with a twist. Instead of ordering a simple water bottle, customers are opting for an infuser or filter bottle. Instead of pedometers, customers request fit-wristbands. Personalised bottled water is an ideal healthy option for shows, conferences, or front of house, and the ever-popular old favourites still remain and grow in strength – anti bac spray, lip balms, and ear plugs/eye masks.

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