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It's Our Birthday! Celebrating 35 Years of Ellenell

Posted on Friday, 6th July 2018



1983. Microsoft released the first ever version of Word, Breakfast TV and Blackadder both aired for the first time, Shergar was kidnapped, the one pound coin was introduced – and Ellenell was established!

In 1983, Margaret Thatcher won a landslide victory to become prime minister. But whilst she was eventually superseded, Ellenell’s Director Louis Tsioupra is still at the helm 35 years later, providing promotional products across the UK. Such longevity is a rarity within the industry, and provides a wealth of experience in today’s fast-paced industry.

The concept of Ellenell was born from a retail clothing business. Customers demand was all about about personalisation, which led to the directors investing in a blocking machine. Pens and matchboxes were handblocked late into the night in order to meet promised deadlines, and from that small starting point the company simply grew and grew.

Some promotional products have endured the test of time – mugs and pens, for example, have always been a popular choice. Others have not fared so well – in 1983, ashtrays and lighters were prominent in the Ellenell catalogue, compared to very little demand for these products in modern health-conscious times! Today’s market is all about tech – powerbanks, charger cables, and an ever-increasing range of gadgets for every imaginable purpose.

Thinking back to how it all began, everyone at Ellenell Head Office agrees how lucky we are now. Gone are the days of sending visual proofs by snail-mail and relying on the postman to not lose them! This was then superseded by the hi-tech novelty of faxing orders and proofs. But thank goodness for modern times - emails, an online catalogue, and advanced printing methods which allow Ellenell to offer its customers a faster and even higher quality service!


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